Friday, October 26, 2007


Lucy and I are taking a birthing class and had our second session last night. I learned all about the various phases of labor, watched a video that scared the pants off of me, and then practices breathing and relaxation techniques. All in all, it was a lot like my Strategic Finance course in business school but with pillows.

BTW, the baby is 29 1/2 weeks old. This whole birth thing is gettin' closer!

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Well, today we went shopping. We did our homework on strollers and infant car seats. Hoo boy, there is a lot to learn. I guess that is what the final trimester is all about. That's right, this week we officially hit 6 months. Mom and baby are doing great. Dad is starting to get a little nervous. Here is my current checklist:
Paint baby room - check
Learn about strollers - check
Take out the trash - tomorrow
Become a dad - umm... still working on that one.

At least I know the different between a Quinny and a Chicco.