Monday, May 18, 2009

All caught up

Well, its been a while since I've updated this site. Since the last post (in March?!?!) spring has arrived, and Sam couldn't be happier. He loves going outside; going on walks, playing in the yard, exploring the park and climbing at the playground. He now plays in the front porch all the time because it is all windows and Sam can look out the front door at all the people, dogs, cars and trucks (called "guks").

I know what you are thinking, and yes, "guks" can also mean bikes and sometime cars too, but hey, the kid is only 17 months! You also might be thinking, how many words does this kid know now? The answer - lots. Sam is a babbling machine. On May 6th, Lucy counted all his words and they topped 50. From "Elmo" to "out", Sam can clearly express his thoughts and wants. He is also learning to be polite by saying thank you ("Dankee") after being given a treat.

Sam learns new skills all the time. Just this week he started eating with a fork and spoon, and sometime he gets the food in his mouth. His favorite toys are his cars and stuffed animals. He likes diapering his panda bear with Mom. He enjoys drawing and playing some peek-a-boo. Climbing has also become a favorite activity, especially up and down the latter of his red slide.

Basically, he is a typically wonderful boy and we are having so much fun together (SO much fun that I never have time to post). Hopefully in the pics and slideshows posted below, you'll get a sense of his world over the last two months. Enjoy.

And now for some pics

Fun on a slide

Special note: Red slide was built by Grandma Pat when Lucy was a little girl.

Spring day at the park

To view pics individually, click here.

What happened to April?

I know there has been a 1 1/2 month hiatus in posts here. Apologies, but I promise new content is coming soon! Here is a pic to keep you coming back.

Courtesy of Zaidee K. Martin's iphone