Saturday, November 13, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

After the game

Sam had a great time at his first Gopher's Basketball game. We stayed nearly the entire game and had a great time throughout. As we were leaving, Goldie the Gopher walked right by us and waved at Sam which put him on cloud 9. From that point on, Sam was no longer Sam, but instead he was Goldie the Gopher Teddy Bear.

When we got home, he couldn't wait to tell Mom all about it and then walked around telling Lucy and I that he was Goldie and waving at us. He also reenacted some of Goldie's on-court antics. We concluded the evening with the following conversation.

Sam: I'm Goldie and there's a man in a costume.

Mom: Oh, you are a man wearing a Goldie costume?

Sam: No, I'm Goldie the Gopher Teddy Bear and the man is inside me giving me a hug.

At the basketball game

Go Golden Gophers!

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