Thursday, January 17, 2008

The birth story - part 5

The room was buzzing as the lights where brightened. Emme grabbed the camera and started snapping pictures. Anna, our midwife, returned and helped position Lucy for pushing. Pat helped support Lucy's left leg while a nurse supported Lucy's right. I donned purple gloves and positioned myself near the action.

At about 10:00 am it was time for Lucy to push. After just one or two pushes, we could see the top of our baby's head. We moved a mirror behind Anna and myself so Lucy could see too. The excitement threw off her timing for a contraction, but by the third contraction she was in good form again.

Puuuuuusssssshhhh. Take a breath and push again. Another breath, now push again. Now rest as the contraction subsides. Here comes another one and puuuuuuuuussssshhhhhh... You get the picture.

By the fourth or fifth contraction, our baby was on his way out. Lucy was able to reach down and feel the top of his head between contractions. The emotions and excitement were heavy. By the seventh and eigth contraction, Sam's head was nearly out and I got my hands in position.

On the ninth contraction, his head was out. Anna unwrapped the umbilical cord which had wrapped around Sam's neck (twice!) and placed my hands on Sam's head so that I could help guide the rest of him out. One more contraction was all it took and Sam was born at 10:19 am. I caught Sam and carefully placed him on Lucy's chest. I was so excited that I nearly forgot to check the gender - a boy!

Sam started crying right off and scored 9 and 9 on his apgar tests. What a healthy little baby we had. Lucy held Sam for quite a while. I cut the cord and returned to admire my beautiful boy and wonderful wife. Soon after, the placenta came out and we all admired the weird looking thing that kept Sam alive for the previous 9 months.

After a little while, Grandpa Ron, Auntie Annie and Auntie Zaidee came in to admire our new addition to the family. Sam was able to latch on and nurse within the first hour and fed for about an hour more. He then snuggled with us awake for another hour or two before dozing off to sleep in Lucy's arms.

Looking back at this day, exactly one month ago, it seems like a dream. The joy and excitement were almost overwhelming and I can still feel the emotions of that day even now. I had no idea how incredible that experience would be. But judging by how much Sam has grown and changed over the last 31 days, I have a hunch the incredible experiences will continue for a long time.

Happy 1 month birthday, Sam.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday, Lucy!

Today is Lucy's 30th birthday. We are enjoying the day with a visit from Emme - our doula, Grandma Debby is still here and we are still at Grandma Pat and Grandpa Ron's. This afternoon we are planning some indoor mini-golf followed by a nice family dinner. Sam says,
Now help me get some cake in here.

The birth story - part 4

The anesthesiologist arrived shortly after Emme and I got Lucy out of the bath. He began making preparations and explaining what was happening. Before we knew it, Lucy had cords and tubes connected all over her body. Then the medication began to flow and nearly immediately Lucy began to feel relief.

Soon after, Lucy was able to lie down and even had a smile on her face. She could still feel some pressure, but the pain was gone. We all began to think about rest. Lucy was already in a nice sleeping position. Emme went out to the waiting room to find a chair while Pat and I shared a long bench under the windows. The nurses dimmed the lights and we all closed our eyes.

Sleep was quickly upon us, but just as quickly gone when the midwife came back in. She had been watching the baby monitor and had been noticing some worrying patterns in the heartbeat. The midwife repositioned Lucy to see if that resolved the issue. After several more repositionings, the heartbeat returned to normal and the nurse and midwife left again. We all went back to sleep.

We roused ourselves at about 7:00 am on Monday. Lucy still felt the pressure, but was otherwise feeling fine. She was able to brush her teeth and we had a little breakfast. The midwives had changed shifts and now Anna, whom we had met before, was our midwife for the day.

At about 9:45 am, Anna came by to check Lucy. After a quick exam she asked, "Do you think you would like to begin pushing?" Lucy was fully dilated and the baby was at a +2 position. Lucy and I were overjoyed, excited, and relieved. Anna stepped out to begin preparations while the nurse explained what was going to happen. We were about to meet Sam.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Due date

Yesterday was Sam's official due date. Hard to believe the little guy has been with us for 3 1/2 weeks. Even more hard to believe is what it would have been like had he not been with us for those 3 1/2 weeks. Sam is such a part of our lives now, I just can't imagine it.

Everyone is doing well. Sam has been a little fussy at times over the last week, but we suspect it is just a growing spurt. Mom and I are still trying to work out our sleep paterns, but all in all we are doing fine. This week we moved in with Grandma Pat and Grandpa Ron as our basement is being painted. Also, yesterday Grandma Debby arrived from Kansas City to visit and meet Sam. Exciting times for everyone!

Note: I still have at least two more parts to the birth story and will be writing them soon, so check back to read the exciting conclusion.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Pics!

Check out the slideshow on the right, or see Sam's newest pictures here. This album will be updated over the next couple of weeks so check back often.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy belated New Year!

Just checking in. I returned to work this week so the blogging has been a bit slow, but I will post a new batch of pictures this weekend (Lucy has gone a little camera crazy taking over 300 pics this week alone - thank god for digital). Lucy, Sam and I have been having a good week 3. We rang in the New Year as a family. Sam woke us at 11:55 pm on the 31st for a feeding so we all listened to the fireworks. Lucy and Sam have been having some fun afternoons the past several days while Daddy reacquaints himself with work. We are all excited for next week where we will be living at Grandpa Ron and Grandma Pat's place while our basement is being painted. And, Grandma Debby will be traveling up from Kansas City to meet Sam on Wednesday. We can't wait!