Thursday, January 17, 2008

The birth story - part 5

The room was buzzing as the lights where brightened. Emme grabbed the camera and started snapping pictures. Anna, our midwife, returned and helped position Lucy for pushing. Pat helped support Lucy's left leg while a nurse supported Lucy's right. I donned purple gloves and positioned myself near the action.

At about 10:00 am it was time for Lucy to push. After just one or two pushes, we could see the top of our baby's head. We moved a mirror behind Anna and myself so Lucy could see too. The excitement threw off her timing for a contraction, but by the third contraction she was in good form again.

Puuuuuusssssshhhh. Take a breath and push again. Another breath, now push again. Now rest as the contraction subsides. Here comes another one and puuuuuuuuussssshhhhhh... You get the picture.

By the fourth or fifth contraction, our baby was on his way out. Lucy was able to reach down and feel the top of his head between contractions. The emotions and excitement were heavy. By the seventh and eigth contraction, Sam's head was nearly out and I got my hands in position.

On the ninth contraction, his head was out. Anna unwrapped the umbilical cord which had wrapped around Sam's neck (twice!) and placed my hands on Sam's head so that I could help guide the rest of him out. One more contraction was all it took and Sam was born at 10:19 am. I caught Sam and carefully placed him on Lucy's chest. I was so excited that I nearly forgot to check the gender - a boy!

Sam started crying right off and scored 9 and 9 on his apgar tests. What a healthy little baby we had. Lucy held Sam for quite a while. I cut the cord and returned to admire my beautiful boy and wonderful wife. Soon after, the placenta came out and we all admired the weird looking thing that kept Sam alive for the previous 9 months.

After a little while, Grandpa Ron, Auntie Annie and Auntie Zaidee came in to admire our new addition to the family. Sam was able to latch on and nurse within the first hour and fed for about an hour more. He then snuggled with us awake for another hour or two before dozing off to sleep in Lucy's arms.

Looking back at this day, exactly one month ago, it seems like a dream. The joy and excitement were almost overwhelming and I can still feel the emotions of that day even now. I had no idea how incredible that experience would be. But judging by how much Sam has grown and changed over the last 31 days, I have a hunch the incredible experiences will continue for a long time.

Happy 1 month birthday, Sam.

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