Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Sam had a great evening last night. He was sporting a diaper and a hat and was having a crazy, exciting time. Hopefully we can post a video soon, but in the mean time enjoy these pics. More can be seen here.

From Sam and the hat

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Finally - new pics!

There is a new set of pics in the slide show at the right, or simply click here.

Friday, September 19, 2008

A little busy...

Ok, there has been a drought of posting over the last two months. I realize the inconvenience this has caused to some of you and, well, too bad. If you had a little rambunctious 8 month old (now 9 months!) crawling every which way, you would understand. That said, sorry for the delay. Here is an update.

Sam turned 9 months on Wednesday and had his check up today. He is the picture of health weighing 19lbs 3 ozs and is 28+ inches long. The kid is crawling like a pro, pulling himself up on EVERYTHING, cruises a little and can climb stairs. He also sprouted two front, bottom teeth this week!

He is still nursing, but otherwise eats table foods with ease. He is very talkative and sometimes tries to sing along with his favorite music. Oh yeah, he likes music now. He also is beginning to understand books and turn pages. Sam loves to play with his toys and carries them around with him.

Last week, Sam and Lucy started school. Ok, it is really ECFE (early childhood family education?) or something and they both have tons of fun. Sam has already started making friends. He is also very proud of all the new things he can do, especially standing in his crib when he awakes.

Finally, Sam is really enjoying exploring new places. He loved Door County with his extended family in July and he crawled all over the yard up at the farm two weekends ago. He also loves visiting every nook and cranny of the house each day to make sure it is still there.

So now you are caught up. Hopefully we will not experience another drought for a while. Check back later this weekend for new pictures, but below are two from about a month ago to wet your appetite.

Pics from August