Monday, June 25, 2007

The cat's out of the bag

So we were in California this past weekend for Lucy's cousin's wedding. We weren't going to tell anyone the news because we did not want to spoil the Bride and Groom's big weekend. I should also mention that we arrived late Thursday and slept in on Friday.

Well, Friday morning the whole family, minus us, gather to do some wedding chores. Lucy's cousin-in-law, Alison, wondered where we were and innocently asked Pat and Annie (Lucy's mom and sister respectively), "How's Lucy doing?"

Instead of answering simply, "fine" or "wonderful," they pause and look at each other hesitantly. Alison, already with a reputation for being quite intuitive, instantly exclaims, "She's pregnant!" And with that, the jig was up. I guess we are telling people now. :)

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