Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

We had a great long weekend for Memorial Day. I took Friday off for a nice 4 day break. Our great friend, bridesmaid and Lucy's former roommate Jeana was in town as well. On top of that, we threw a BBQ for friends, family and neighbors yesterday. It was a jam packed, exciting, busy, exhausting, fun weekend. But the best part of it all is the pictures courtesy of Jeana!!! Check out the new album at the right or by clicking here. Some sample pics are below.

Auntie Jeana and Sam

If looks could kill...


Anonymous said...

Dare I say it? I see a little of Grant in Sam! Maybe that's because I didn't know Chris as a baby. But, those big eyes are all Lucy! He's beaqutiful, and a happier baby can't possibly exist, so you must be doing everything right! Keep up the good work! Sue Winnie

Jeana said...

Hello, my darlings. It was SO(!) awesome to see you guys and get acquainted with your ridiculously adorable, whitey-white offspring. Have a couple of photos of Sam up at the office - even my boss can't get over how damn cute the little man is. I shall have to work on actually figuring out how to manipulate my damn camera, though. I was quite sad to discover one too many focus issues. Argh. I am such a disappointment. Hugs and kisses for Sammy.

Anonymous said...

Why are jeana's photos sooo good?
They are so clear and the color is amazing. Course, the subject matter and composition is stellar too. She really captured the range of Sammy... But...I think you got a blackburnian warbler on the line!!!!! and the photos of monkey and friends are genius.