Monday, March 9, 2009

More words

Well, Sam continues to grow each day. These days he loves going on walks outside. He also went to the Minnesota Children's Museum twice this past week which has tons of new things and places to explore. At home, Sam has developed a strong affinity towards his stuffed animals (as you can probably see in the latest photo album) and generally loves hugging and kissing them when he isn't walking around the house with them.

On the language front, Sam is learning new words all the time. His latest word is "apple" which he says very clearly when he wants, well, an apple. He also says "on" in reference to the radio and lights. He knows "off" too, but the "ff" is still a bit muffled. Finally, and our favorite, Sam knows what a microwave and thermometer says - beep! Or as Sam says it, "Bep!" What a cutie.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this for me. I miss you all so. Thinking Easter for a visit...will be able, I hope to lift Sam by then.

Now, start teaching Sam my name, or whatever he wants to call me.