Saturday, December 1, 2007

Interesting week

Okay, so an update...
We were in Kansas City for thanksgiving and had a blast. Saw our extended family on Chris' Mom's side... ate lots of turkey, cheered for KU football, got spoiled with baby goodies. When we got home Sunday night a long LONG week began. I had a big presentation that week and 12-13 hour work days... plus a cold I'd caught! Ugh. Then to top it off our boiler was to be swapped out but ended up we had to go without any heat for a day and board at my mom & dad's Wednesday night. I started having mild contractions pretty frequently. We were all up until 1am trying to calm them down and finally I was able to go to sleep. Big presentation on Thursday with brain and body mush! Ugh, what long day... then out for a late business dinner. Contractions started up frequently again middle of the night... Chris and I still working on slowing them and talking with the midwives. Didn't get much sleep needless to say! Friday morning we went into the clinic and they ran tests and such... discovered that I was 50% effaced at only 34 weeks and were not sure why. Then later a test result came back that said I had a bacterial infection causing the contractions... they gave me a mild drug to slow them down and antibiotics to get rid of the infection. When contractions slowed the baby moved higher up and I was less effaced... and midwife said since we found the reason and can stop it that we could well go full term or even past due date. Hurray! So baby is still in my belly and all is well. A few more weeks would do us all well! And let's just say that I'm writing this entry in bed with Chris next to me at 11:00am on Saturday... with no plans to get up and be productive any time soon.

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