Thursday, December 6, 2007

Week 34

Week 34 was an exciting week. It began with a new boiler being put into the basement and ended with Lucy 50% effaced and under "house arrest." To put it simply, we had a new boiler installed last Wednesday. That night, because the house was full of soot (another story), Lucy and I stayed over at Pat & Ron's. Lucy got home late and was experiencing some contractions. I drew a bath to relax Lucy only to discover that the bath filled in with hair and gravel residue (not due to an unclean bath, only unused pipes). Anyway, we drew a new bath, but the Rollins' hot water heater could only do so much. Pat and Ron took turns boiling water.

To make a long story longer, the contractions did not let up on Thursday and when Lucy got home we tried another bath, this time at our house. Well, our hot water heater couldn't even handle that so I was the one boiling water this time. Neadless to say, the contractions still didn't let up so we headed to the clinic on Friday morning. Several hours of monitoring later, Lucy was diagnosed with a bacterial infection and given antibiotics.

We went home and had a fine weekend preparing for the baby, a little more confident that we had things under control. That was until the contractions returned late Saturday and all-day Sunday. So, 6am Monday morning we were off to the hospital. 7 more hours of monitoring and the midwives put Lucy on what I call house arrest, essentially bed rest without having to really stay in bed.

Since then, Lucy has spent the days at home, transitioned her work stuff off to others, and basically has developed a case of mild cabin fever. We visited our midwife again today for a pre-scheduled check up and everything seemed well. Lucy is semi-effaced, but her contractions have diminished and the midwife felt fairly confident in the baby sticking it out until full term (2 more weeks!).

Anyway, that was week 34. I wonder what week 35 has in store...

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