Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

To Sam's daddy: Thank you for being you! You surely were meant to be a father. All of the things that have made you a good friend, son, brother, husband all these years... well they are also exactly what is needed to make the best father in the world. When I was pregnant one of the many things I couldn't quite grasp yet was how life changing it would be for me to see how YOU would change with parenthood. The joy, pride, contentment, maturity and (most importantly) love with which you father is amazing to watch. I am so grateful to have this little joy of a son to share in with you. The journey thus far has been the most happy of my life because it is the three of us together. Me and my two most wonderful men. Sam and I are so very lucky to have you.

Happy Father's Day My Darling.

Lucy (author) & Sam (consultant)

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Anonymous said...

That choked me up. So well said Luce, I concur.