Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas was a blast

Christmas was a big success this year. Santa did not leave anyone disappointed. Sam and Addie both enjoyed opening presents Xmas morning. Sammy swears he heard jingle bells in the night so he knows Santa came, as if the presents and stockings were not enough affirmation. Santa brought Sam a big Crane Truck and some cooking tools. Addie got a fishing bath toy and some clothes. A joint present from Santa of some big unit blocks was also a hit, and it turns out that Addie is quite adept at stacking!

Now we are in the phase of transitioning away from the Christmas music, and the decorations and tree come down soon. Sigh. I guess all we can do is wait for another year to pass so Christmas can come again. :)

The kids helped decorate the tree this year. The tree was a little bottom heavy with ornaments. ;)

We had so much snow, that we needed to bring some inside just to deal with it! Sammy is eating maple syrup candy made of snow and maple syrup.

Addie's Christmas Eve outfit complete with Santa socks.

And Xmas wouldn't be complete without some matching PJ's from Grandma Nana!

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