Friday, December 17, 2010

Hooray! It's Sammy's 3rd Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Sam. He turned 3 years old today. And what a day it was! We started out with a birthday party with friends (postponed from last weekend due to 18 inches of snow) at the Minneapolis Firefighter Museum. Friends Max, Mason and Hannah were all in attendance. Sam took a little warming up to the museum, but then he fell in love with all the firetrucks.

Then we came home to pretend to nap (but nobody slept). So we got ourselves together and went to Greenspoon Daycare for a holiday party. Then we raced back home for a family birthday party. Phew! It doesn't really need to be said, but Sam and Addie were great all day... until they hit the wall. But while Addie then went straight to bed, Sam recovered enough to play with his presents. What fun! And to think 3 years ago, Sam was just a little peanut (and I posted this post on the blog). Man, time flies when you are having fun and running yourself ragged. :)

From Sam's 3rd Birthday

From Sam's 3rd Birthday

More pictures of Sam's birthday can be seen here.

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