Saturday, August 11, 2007

Entry from Lucy!

Believe it or not, I am finally contributing to our baby's blog! I feel a little bit like my grandma getting a cell phone... this whole texting/blogging/new age thing is really quite futuristic I tell you!


First off I want to give my love and thanks to all our family and friends out there who have shared in our good news and have been so wonderful. It's really quite a joyous time and it makes it that much greater to share with all of you.

Second, some random but very important notes:
  1. Chris has been selective in his listing of names (anybody suprised at his backhanded ways?). I assure you I will work on adding more shortly.
  2. On the names topic... I came up with a GREAT one today and Chris shockingly slapped it away. Anybody who knows him will be as saddened as I was at the irony. I suggested "Luke" if it's a boy. Then he can say for the rest of his life "Luuuuke, I'm your faather". How could HE of all people not like that. Something weird is going on.
  3. Trust me I've always known I've had a special knack for flakiness. I'm really quite proud of it. But this whole pregnancy thing has really stepped it up a notch - and trust me it's quite entertaining even to me. For example - while we were on vacation this last week, I was walking up to my hotel room with my sis Annie and realized I didn't have the keys or my cell to call Chris. Darn! We were going to have to go find Chris and get them from him. We walked past my hotel room, found Chris, and returned. Only then did I realize that I didn't need my key because the cleaning lady was in our room with the door wide open... and that she had been there when we walked by the first time (note: no blame on Annie as she didn't know which room we were in). I remembered then that when we walked by intially I had thought to myself "oh, maybe it's good we have to go get the keys because the cleaning lady is in our room right now and I don't want to bother her!". I've decided this is all happening because Baby Munchkin is taking all my smarts... that baby is going to be one little genius (no laughing)!
  4. Chris, you made the best Chili last night.


mom said...

Luke is a great name but for the fact that we know Luke Wilson and you can't name your baby after someone that you know and have feelings about...either good or bad.

I like the name Hannah (Honalee)for a girl and Alex for a boy. Give that baby it's own identity.

Love you both very much.

Jed said...

I too was thinking of the Luke Wilson connection! Although you guys could make the name an homage to the West Suburbs of Chicago and that great movie of the 80s known as "Lucas."

Little Thunder said...

A stranger's thought: Luke is nice. Lucas is nicer. Can still be called Luke, but doesn't have to if he's constantly being asked to use "the force" by his peers. It could be fun, though. And it's MUCH better than like... Skippy.

My favorite names are: Zachary and Lauren. I have no family members or friends with those names. I hope I get a chance to use one, but, if not, maybe someone else will.

Anonymous said...

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